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Tattoo Apprenticeship Courses
In Person:

Are you interested in tattooing, but don't know where to start? Tamia offers a 3 day, in-person seminar discussing all the intricacies of the tattoo industry and provides you with all the supplies needed to begin your career. Included with your seminar is:

- Tattoo Supplies (Tattoo Pen, Ink, Needle Cartridges, Medical Grade Cleaning Supplies and much more) 

- Refreshments + Lunch Each Day

- Course Completion Certification 

- Worksite Safety Bloodborne Pathogens Certification 

- Digital Photography Portfolio 

- Direct Communication with Tamia Post-Course for Feedback + Any Questions


Seminar Cost:

$3,000.00 CAD + GST 5%


Are you interested in tattooing, but cannot attend the in-person seminar? The Digital Tattoo Apprenticeship is a fully curated, online course discussing all the intricacies of the tattoo industry and how to start your career from the comfort of your home. Included with your online apprenticeship is:

- Lifetime Access to Online Course Materials and Modules 

- Flash Sheets, Supplier Lists, Aftercare Instructions 

- Direct Communication with Tamia Post-Course for Feedback + Any Questions

- Course Completion Certification

Online Apprenticeship Course Cost:

$499.99 CAD + GST 5%


3 Hours and 30 Minutes 

*** Digital Apprenticeship does not include Tattoo Supplies ***

      Day 1: Introduction & Theory

                         6 Hours 

Day 1 begins with an introduction into the theory of tattooing, the types of machines, and breakdown of all tattoo supplies and their use. We will then learn about the types of needles, cartridges, tattoo placements and body anatomy. We will look into legal forms (consent and aftercare), how to book a client, and learn about Bloodborne Pathogen Safety (and take a BBP Certification test) . Finally, we will touch on how to create a tattoo design, skin preparation, skin allergies/sensitivities, how to make a stencil, and how to properly apply a stencil on skin.


             Day 2: Setup + Practice

                           6 Hours

Day 2 is hands on. We learn how to set up a station and machine following all proper sanitary protocol. We will go into proper linework and shading application, and begin practicing on fake skin. Students will also be practicing stencilling designs on human skin and analyzing photos of good vs bad tattoo application.


  Day 3: Practice + Business Essentials

                           6 Hours

Day 3 continues with tattoo application. We will practice lining various shapes and designs, and try new shading techniques. Students will then have to consult a "client" and design their tattoo on the spot, and tattoo the design on practice skin. After practice, Tamia will discuss step by step marketing and business advice for new artists, pricing structures within the industry, answers to common questions from clients and a final Q&A session. 


For more Information about Tamia's In-Person Seminar and to register for the course, please fill in your contact information.


A response will be sent out within 24 - 48 hours.

A $500.00 CAD non-refundable deposit will be taken to reserve your spot in the seminar. Seminars are offered on weekends, typically Saturday - Monday in Tamia's Private Studio (Pulse Vancity) in Port Moody, B.C. Canada.

Tools Included with your seminar:

 - Tattoo Machine

 - Tattoo Ink 

 - Voltage Machine + Foot Peddle 

 - Ultraderm 

 - Legal form and consent form templates

 - Practice Skin

 - Ink Caps

 - Cavicide Wipes 

 - Box of Gloves 

 - Thermal Stencil Paper

 - Squeeze Bottle + Sleeves 

 - Clip Cord Sleeves 

 - Biohazard Bin 

 - Needle Cartridges 

 - Notebook + Pen 

 - Machine adhesive tape 

 - Green Soap



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