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Tamia Overes

Owner and Tattoo Artist


Born and raised in Vancouver, Tamia created Pulse in 2015 to share her passion for art with the rest of the world. She specializes in black and grey tattoos and teaches an Introduction to Tattooing Course quarterly. To shop Tamia's art prints, click the 'Shop' tab. To book a tattoo with Tamia, click the 'Tattoo' Tab.

Instagram: @tamiaoveres

TikTok: @tamiaoveres


Alexander (Sasha) Ivashuta

Operations Coordinator 


Raised in Toronto, Alex has always had an interest in art and design, and has even had the opportunity to explore art and culture on almost every continent. He has been with Pulse since 2015 and ensures operations run smoothly.


Camryn Kruizenga

Social Media/Personal Assistant


Camryn joined the Pulse team in April 2022. She has a background in customer service, web design and social media. She manages the Pulse Vancity Instagram and Facebook pages while simultaneously helping out around the studio.

Instagram: @camkruiz

TikTok: @camkruiz


Chelsea Franks

Tattoo Apprentice


Chelsea joined the Pulse team in May 2022. She has a background in drawing/painting and digital art, and has been apprenticing under Tamia Overes. Chelsea will be specializing in fine line tattoos, and is looking forward to taking on clients soon!

Instagram: @sweetcraveart

TikTok: @sweetcraveart

Pulse Vancity is a private tattoo studio located in Port Moody, BC.

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