Tamia Overes

Owner and Tattoo Artist


Born and raised in Vancouver, Tamia created Pulse to share her passion for art with the rest of the world. To shop her latest collection or purchase a print of her artwork, please click on the 'Shop' tab.  To book a tattoo with Tamia, please click on the 'Tattoo' tab.

Instagram: @tamiaoveres

TikTok: @tamiaoveres

Alexander Ivashuta (Sasha)

Co-Owner and Operations Manager 


Raised in Toronto, Alex has always had interest in art and design, and has even had the opportunity to explore art and culture on almost every continent. He manages production, distribution, sales, and bookkeeping. You'll be able to say hello to Alex at your next tattoo appointment.

Instagram: @aivashuta

Pulse Vancity

Pulse Vancity was founded in 2015 by Tamia Overes and Alexander Ivashuta. Pulse originally began as a streetwear company, until 2017 when Tamia became a tattoo artist.  Now Pulse offers: tattoo appointments, streetwear and prints of Tamia's original artworks.  To book a tattoo appointment, please click on the 'Tattoo' tab.  To purchase a print of Tamia's artwork or a hoodie/t-shirt, please click on the 'Shop' tab.  We look forward to working with you!


Cheers, Pulse